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Company Profile

 company name

 : OESS GmbH

 Head Office

 : Wiesbadener Str.6a 65719 Hofheim am Taunus Germany

 : +49(0)6122-70588-0

 : +49(0)6122-70588-29

 : March 1st, 1988

 Paid in Capital
 : Capital  51,000 EUR

 : Deutsche Bank

 Board of Members
 : CEO, President: Ryuzi Kunizaki


Company History

December, 1979
NIK Int’l Trading Inc. founded

April, 1984
Begin repair service with consumer electronics manufacturers

September, 1984
Company name changed to OESS Corporation

January, 1985
Begin maintenance service for industrial machinery related equipments

January, 1986
Open Los Angeles office

March, 1988
OESS GmbH founded in Germany

April, 1991
Begin maintenance service for semiconductor manufacturing facility and equipment

May, 1993
Open Silicon Valley office

April, 1995
Begin assisting with sales of industrial facility

December, 2001
OESS Corporation founded in Japan

June, 2002
Begin selling Photomask manufacturing related facility

October, 2007
Transfer U.S. head office

July, 2008
20th anniversary for OESS GmbH

December, 2009
30th anniversary for OESS Corporation

April, 2010
Begin selling medical equipment

January, 2011
OESS GmbH transferred from Dresden to Frankfurt

December, 2011
10th anniversary for OESS Corporation Japan

October, 2012
OESS Corporation USA transferred from New Jersey to New York