Tokyo Eletech

Tokyo Eletech Corporation (TET) has been working to support engineers of customers for developing, debugging, evaluating, testing in the field of Micro Contoroller Environment. TET's Key Technology is on “Socket & Connector”, “Printed Wiring Board” and “Flexible Cable”.
Our services cover "Supply of Development Tools" and "Development of Proto Type".


TET supply Standard Development Tools for QFP, BGA and JTAG connection. TET products are mainly used by the customers' engineers in Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, IoT, communication and other Consumer Electronics.

BGA Socket Series

BGA can be loaded in BGA Socket Series.Emulator boards or extension cables can be connected to BGA socket Series assembled on target boards.

BGA for Renesas


Attached to the target board as a socket to mount a QFP IC, or as a connector an emulator.


The series are using widely as emulator connector.The foot patterns of each series are the same size as QFP, so emulator connectors can be soldered on the same foot pattern of QFP.


By simplifying the tightening of screws at the four corners of the socket, the complex mounting procedures are eliminated.

KC Cable Series

Micro strip signal lines(Signal lines on both layers are running on the ground lines on opposite layers) guarantee good data transmission.

EXC/EXA Series

Adapter Board for Signal Analyzing
EXA is for QFP, EXB is for BGA and EXC is with NQPACK on the Board as standard.

SICA flexible board type

Applicable from 10 pin to 30 pin
Cable Material:polyimide both sides flexible board

SICA rigid board type

Lower in cost and higher in durability compared with flexible pc board type.


TET provide best solution for Designing of Circuit Diagram and Pattern Layout, manufacturing of Proto Sample in the form of Rigid/Flex PCB. Followings are just a few examples of our developments in the past. With our punctual development time and high quality, customers will be able to save a lot of time and money.

Sport Watch

Made with Rigid/Flex wiring board.
Totally made by TET from designing to manufacturing.

Tool to connect with existing pad

Tool to make software writing possible without mounting connector on the board.
All the materials are made by cutting and processing.


TET Rigid/Flex Cable was adopted for a proto machine of satellite “Hayabusa”.


A simple emulator adopting TET connector can be connected with Target Board.

Device evaluation PCB

The PCB was designed and manufactured by TET for Spansion’s Device Evaluation.

Flexible board Thermometer

Thermometers as Novelty Goods made of PCB.